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A ready to use 5:1 baking mix for individuals on a Ketogenic Diet. Enjoy the taste of ketogenic traditional homemade cooking and baked goods.

Product Form

  • Powdered Fat
  • 500 g re-sealable bag


  • Easy to prepare - make traditional recipes for the ketogenic diet
  • Baking / cooking mix with a 5:1 ratio - add recipe ingredients and  obtain your goal ratio
  • Does not contain vitamins and minerals which often cause a medicinal taste or odor
  • Affordable
  • Trans fat - only 0.6 g per 100 g KetoCuisine powder


  • Indications
  • Nutrition Info
  • Ingredients
  • Preparation
  • Reimbursement
  • Caution
    • Intractable epilepsy (drug resistant epilepsy)
    • Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency (PDHD)
    • Glucose transporter type-1 deficiency
    • Dravet, Doose and Lennox - Gastaut Syndromes
    • Autism
    • Dementia / Alzheimer's
    • Cancer
  • NutrientsPer 100 g powder
    Protein, g4.4
    Carbohydrate, g10
    Lactose, g0
    Fat, g73
    Polyunsaturated, g3.5
    Monounsaturated, g60.5
    Saturated, g5.6
    Trans, g0.6
    Cholesterol, mg1

  • This product contains: Sunflower oil, Maltodextrin, Cellulose, Sodium caseinate, Silicon dioxide.

    KetoCuisine contains the following allergen: milk.

  • Tips

    1. Make sure spices are fresh, to guarantee more flavour.
    2. When using spices, allow time for flavour of spices to blend.
    3. Use silicone bakeware & stoneware for no fat/oil loss.
    4. Add KetoCuisine to thicken drinks, sauces & dips.
    5. Adding a pinch of backing powder will make KetoCuisine rise.
    6. Pastry can be made in adavce to freeze for later use. Can be kept frozen in a sealed container up to 3 months.

    Measurement Chart

    1/2 level tsp.0.8 g
    1 level tsp.1.6 g
    1/2 level tbsp.2.5 g
    1 level tbsp.5 g
    1/4 cup20 g
    1/3 cup26 g
    1/2 cup40 g
    1 cup82 g

    Household measurements do not provide he accuracy needed when preparing meals for the Traditional (Classic) Ketogenic Diet. When preparing meals for the Traditional (Classic) Ketogenic Diet, the use of a gram scale is required.

  • Reimbursement code (NDC)*: 52766-0007-02

    HCPCS code: not available

    *National Drug Codes (NDC) Format Codes: Some products sold by Medica Nutrition Inc. are classified as Medical Foods by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). NDC format codes are product codes adjusted according to standard industry practice to meet the format requirements of pharmacy and health insurance computer systems.

  • Warning: KetoCuisine has a 5:1 ratio and is not intended to be used as a sole source recipe ingredient. Consuming KetoCuisine alone (without the addition of carbohydrate and/or protein sources) will result in a 5:1 ratio and could cause excess ketosis, a serious side effect of the ketogenic diet. KetoCuisine is intended to be used in recipes, where the ratio is reduced to meet your ketogenic diet prescription.

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